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vigdis. make me look like a princess.

this is how the belt looks after a million hours of adding sequins. lov'em.

fixing the last things.

for my little sisters graduation. she wanted to look like a princess - and did. so beautiful.
if u me to make a dress for you feel free to contact me.

one item.but not just one look.

70 € // email me


new stuff


20 cm x 20 cm clutch + iphone case.  40 € just email me.

hello everyone. I didn't post anything in ages. but now.... enjoy!


vigdis. grey.

I finally managed to take the time to sew my latest designs. It's kinda frustrating to have plans and ideas and no time to realise them. but I did it and I'm happy. so here are the pieces, mostly angora jersey. the loop scarfs are made of cotton and hand dyed in a pretty dark blue. I hope you like it. If you are me:


.my latest pieces: scarf and dress.



photos by vigdis.





.inspired by our garden.

Photos by vigdis.

autumn bags.

once again I am gettin sick while having my few days off.

but I managed to make some nice bags.


DIY jewellery

if u need any information about how i did things and what materials i used i'm happy to answer your questions:)

product design

a wooden table decoration i made in product design class 


more art

beloved watercolor.


who could live without a camera?