just went to the most amazing concert. budam, an extraordinary artist. not only singing but somehow acting on stage. beautiful lyrics. this man made me shiver. he's simply fascinating. 

 check him out on his website budam 



on my way through the great world of fashion blogs its not possible not to find at least one pair of shoes per day u really need. and today its this pair of sexy black shoes by asos.

juergen teller

I just found some nice photos by juergen teller. I love his portraits and adverts...


I am really bad in posting stuff on my blog regularly even though I could spend ages ckecking out your blogs. anyways, I have to change that. I just moved back to Hamburg, after two years in Maastricht and there is definitely enough going on I could share.

and I have to prepare a  new portfolio...so thats gonna be exciting. honestly I didnt really do any great creative work recently, but I can feel that there is lots of stuff inside of me thats just waiting to get out.

so another try...



hey guys. i'm back from my holidays and daily life is about to start again. university is startin next monday and i can't wait to work... all this time off is just making me crazy:) anyways I had a lovely time in france in sweden and I spent lots of time with the best family in the world. they are always too far away.

I noticed that i miss the big cities. maastricht is definitely too small. i need some rush in my daily life. thats giving me energy. I'm thinking about applying somewhere else. from now on I'll start taking more pictures and post some nice thing more regularly. i did get sooo much inspiration this summer that my plans are almost not realisable. but we'll see. I hope u'll enjoy my upcoming posts. x vigdis


beauuuuuutiful looks.

source: LB tumblr

sorry for my absence...

sorry guys for not being very active recently. university is really stressing me out, although I'm having lots fun.
so I want to let u see what I'm  working on. basically its playing with different kind of materials and shapes.

I really hope there is going to be some nice final product soon. I will let u know.
take care everyone. xxx


crochet belt DIY

it's pretty late and I really need to sleep, so I just post these pictures and hope they explain themselves...otherwise mail me. enjoy trying it out. nightnight xx

inspiration from lb tumblr

I love all of these outfits, but sadly I dont find too many great pictures with boys or men on it. its always just the girls even though I really enjoy the mens stuff. not everything needs to be so girly. oversized t-shirt are  great and I'll always have at least one pair of 'not so girly' jeans... the pictures are from lb tumblr

I need a new bag

I found this beautiful bag by gianfranco ferre on vogue.com and I instantly knew I need it to have a good summer. unfortunately there is this little financial problem so I'll keep on staring at the picture and maybe cry a little. don't u think its perfect ?


newest DIY project

All you need is a big black T-shirt. I cut out some parts in the front, widened the neckline, especially in the back, thats why the shoulders are so far apart from each other. I also shortened the sleeves. (I hope you don't mind my English, I don't always find the right words:))

  I found the inspiration in pictures on fashioninfusion. thanks:)

spring 2010 // alexander wang

I adore alexander wang and especially his new spring collection. it s so wearable and i'd love to wear every piece of it. i'm more into these nude tones and this collection is so pretty in its beautiful simple way. my favorites are the first two outfits.