just went to the most amazing concert. budam, an extraordinary artist. not only singing but somehow acting on stage. beautiful lyrics. this man made me shiver. he's simply fascinating. 

 check him out on his website budam 



on my way through the great world of fashion blogs its not possible not to find at least one pair of shoes per day u really need. and today its this pair of sexy black shoes by asos.

juergen teller

I just found some nice photos by juergen teller. I love his portraits and adverts...


I am really bad in posting stuff on my blog regularly even though I could spend ages ckecking out your blogs. anyways, I have to change that. I just moved back to Hamburg, after two years in Maastricht and there is definitely enough going on I could share.

and I have to prepare a  new portfolio...so thats gonna be exciting. honestly I didnt really do any great creative work recently, but I can feel that there is lots of stuff inside of me thats just waiting to get out.

so another try...