crochet belt DIY

it's pretty late and I really need to sleep, so I just post these pictures and hope they explain themselves...otherwise mail me. enjoy trying it out. nightnight xx

inspiration from lb tumblr

I love all of these outfits, but sadly I dont find too many great pictures with boys or men on it. its always just the girls even though I really enjoy the mens stuff. not everything needs to be so girly. oversized t-shirt are  great and I'll always have at least one pair of 'not so girly' jeans... the pictures are from lb tumblr

I need a new bag

I found this beautiful bag by gianfranco ferre on vogue.com and I instantly knew I need it to have a good summer. unfortunately there is this little financial problem so I'll keep on staring at the picture and maybe cry a little. don't u think its perfect ?


newest DIY project

All you need is a big black T-shirt. I cut out some parts in the front, widened the neckline, especially in the back, thats why the shoulders are so far apart from each other. I also shortened the sleeves. (I hope you don't mind my English, I don't always find the right words:))

  I found the inspiration in pictures on fashioninfusion. thanks:)

spring 2010 // alexander wang

I adore alexander wang and especially his new spring collection. it s so wearable and i'd love to wear every piece of it. i'm more into these nude tones and this collection is so pretty in its beautiful simple way. my favorites are the first two outfits.


DIY plastic clutch

i want more love

a weekend without money

in financial terms a had a pretty horrible weekend. not a single euro left, so no chance to buy anything nice to eat or chose materials i really like for my projects . so i started to dry a grapefruit and crocheted a little blue and very soft piece... doesnt it look nice? and possible without any money. xx

make your own chanel shirt

step 1 : chose a plate in the size you want your chanel logo.

 step 2 : draw the outlines of the logo with a black textile pen and fill them textile paint.

 that's it! the t-shirt is ready to wear.


DIY jewellery

if u need any information about how i did things and what materials i used i'm happy to answer your questions:)

product design

a wooden table decoration i made in product design class 

creative work



how about some fashion cupcakes

source: google images