vigdis. make me look like a princess.

this is how the belt looks after a million hours of adding sequins. lov'em.

fixing the last things.

for my little sisters graduation. she wanted to look like a princess - and did. so beautiful.
if u me to make a dress for you feel free to contact me.


Vief said...

I love the belt! I bought sequins myself a few months ago but I just don't start using them because it will take so long haha! Good job :)
What about following eachother? I follow you now!

love, Vief

Anonymous said...

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Anja said...

gorgeous belt <3


Lexi J. Bee said...

That belt is really pretty :) I love your blog colourmeviolet.blogspot.com

Hygeia said...

Nice dress, Would look even more beautiful if you had a necklace on.
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